Customised Bridal Blouse Shapes

Customised Bridal Blouse Shapes

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Everyone knows the styles that works best for them. We're basically saying, we can do ANY blouse shape that exists. Here's some example breakdowns of different types of blouse shapes that we can do for bridal (and non-bridal outfits). But just know, it doesn't stop here. You dream it, we can do it.

The following are bridal looks however you can choose any blouse shape for most of our pieces that are bridal and non bridal! 

Let's start with the sweetheart look. This look has long sleeves on a zardosi embroidered raw silk peach blouse. Raw silk is so easy to work with because you can dye it in any colour! Another variable for you where you can play around with the exact colour you're dreaming of for your special day. Oh yeah, and it's free to change the colour of a piece too, so why not? The back on this blouse is an oval sharp edges shape. 

Next up, another sweetheart blouse look with a deeper neckline and more of a 'bra-let' look. This piece has a full back shape (closed back) and the style pictured is a velvet blouse with zardosi embroidery. We have a lot of colours in velvet available for your special day too. 

velvet bridal blouse zardosi

Here's the same look but slightly longer sleeves. You name the sleeve length, we do it.

red velvet deep red zardosi blouse

Ok, let's try some off-shoulder looks. Featured are only two versions of this:

Option 1 (on a silk fabric): 

off shoulder gown

Option 2 (on a raw silk fabric): 

raw silk

What about some shorter sleeve options? Here's another sweet heart look with capped sleeves. The back is a classic oval shape. This lehenga is a red raw silk fabric. 

short sleeve zardosi blouse bridal lehenga set

Another short sleeve embroidered blouse option pictured here is more of a closed blouse shape (same in the front and back). Really cute classic look and part of our lower range of bridal lehengas). 

blouse red silk lehenga zardosi

 Another style that's popular with brides, especially for summer weddings is this gorgeous singlet style blouse (this piece has the same oval round back cut). This specific lehenga is made of silk (rather than raw silk) with a ruffle style edge. 

singlet blue lehenga bridal

Another version of this popular cut but with the classic bra-let shape blouse on a gorgeous velvet style lehenga set is featured below: 

bridal zardosi velvet blouse lehenga set

Wait, so how does customisations work?

We offer customisations with most of our designs. You can change the blouse shape for most of our pieces. Please enquire prior to placing your order to confirm this can be done. If you have an image of the blouse shape you need, we can make the shape you've provided in the piece you'd like to purchase from our website. 

How much will it cost to change a blouse shape?

Depending on what you require, there may be associated costs depending on what you request. Generally, if you increase the blouse length/sleeves by more than a few inches or add extra embroidery there will be an increased cost that we will quote you.  

We hope this gives you a better idea of what you can do, at the bare minimum to your custom lehenga. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at or by completing our online contact form. For more information on our custom bridal wear service, please refer to our custom indian bridal page here

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